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This journal is friends-only. If you would like to be added, please comment thusly. Provided that you're not a stalker, someone I actively dislike, or someone who should clearly not be reading my thoughts on a regular basis, I'll be happy to let you in.

So this was going to be a preview of sales to come, but instead I'm going to throw a few awesome deals at you - things I've gotten for free or super cheap this week, and you can do the same!

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Last entry I shared with you that I don't do well with big giant projects hanging over my head. This time around I'll also share that I don't do well with organization. I'm known to make a system that I think is marvelous, use it for 3 days, throw all the rules out and make a new system that is entirely different. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But to do couponing well, you have to be organized. (I tried doing it on the fly. I ended up with crumpled coupons in the pockets of my pants, coat, and purse, while standing in CVS completely unable to remember what I wanted to buy and how much I was supposed to pay for it. Not cool.)

Coupons ala Jen part 2: Organization (blech)Collapse )

I don't do well with big giant projects hanging over my head - I will find a million and one things to do, in order to procrastinate and avoid the BGP. For that reason, the posts of coupony goodness are going to come out a bit at a time. Please ask questions and give feedback so I have things to write about next time, lest I avoid writing more.

Also, this ended up being a popular topic (dang, I didn't even know some of you still read this!), so no filter - instead will lj cut liberally. If you're really offended by coupons and coupon talk ... um, you should work on that. ;)

Finally, this coupon series is public so I can link people who don't have LJs/aren't my LJ friends. Feel free to link people in, if you'd like to.

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So, Jen needs shoes for a bachelorette party in a few weeks. We're apparently going to spend hours drinking our faces off, getting all made up and dressed up, eating dinner, drinking more, going to a comedy show, drinking more, going to a club, drinking more, and then drinking some. Despite this being a recipe for disaster, I need some cute shoes to wear for this shindig. (I also need some cute clothes, because as I told Caroline earlier today, I'm a housewife who moonlights as a pig farmer's public relations/apprentice, and those roles don't lend themselves to cute, generally speaking). BUT - we're talking shoes here, not clothes.

I ramble and there are pictures (and one is LARGE) so I'm going to put this behind a cut!Collapse )

dear friendslyeeeeeeist,
it uld appear o have a deaid keyboard.a again. a.s you who have been wih me for a thile will rewcollect, theis happens hto me ... well, kwnd of ofteni semi-annu.lly, at leaast. typicaaly, i can plnpoint a cuiase. sometuimes an atcident on mc part (cofyee that spifled over, alcup o water thatf wasn't sitting quiete sturd enough, yetc.), or one of ,he cats.
tnot this time. i

this time
it worked, when i gotdhome from w rk. it ceroaily workedtebfore i we t to work tnhis am. i stnt out emeils and evearything. aed when i gon home, i kntow i typed nome thingssg. for inssance, somtbody was veery impressee that i havde a cat namved after thm big lebowsei, and i oalked about that.

the n, i foledeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed laundr. houldn't hasve done thaat. laundry as eevil.

then idk,
did some stuff.
tate cookies

and now k.....yboard no werky.


shouldgtake out st ck n the f'o things.

onf to walmarfr i go! or mebbe tar et on my lugch tmw. we hav a holiday earty tmw nipght so i woint make it allt he wayoa to walmar. does tartet have chegap keyboards fo girls who kill lkts of themO?


Moar peektures of baybeez!

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Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

This year's topic is a simple one: tell us, and your readers, why you're pro-choice.

I'm pro-choice because I believe abortion is not immoral, terrible, or wrong. I'm pro-choice because I believe the only person suited to make a decision about her body is an individual woman, and whatever choice she makes for herself is inherently valid. I'm pro-choice because I believe in freedom, compassion, and respect. I'm pro-choice.

[i'm 5 hours early; i like to work ahead ;) ]


I LOLed at this:
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